Zinc Iron
We have the capacity to process high volume Zinc Iron plating as well as small lot orders.

Our Zinc Iron capabilities include barrel plating with the ability to bake for hydrogen embrittlement relief. Our barrel Zinc Iron plating process is capable of plating on Steel, Copper, and Brass substrates.
Our most common certified Zinc Iron specification is:
  • STD 5732,104
We plate Zinc Iron with the following chromates:
  • Zinc Iron with Trivalent Clear
  • Zinc Iron with Hexavalent Yellow
  • Zinc Iron with Hexavalent Black
  • Zinc Iron with Trivalent Black
  • Zinc Iron with Hexavalent Olive Drab
Zinc Iron topcoats include:
  • Gleitmo 603
  • Ultraseal
  • Zincro-shield

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